Saturday, November 5, 2011



Ever since the ex- Mocha girls and I parted ways, there have been rumors circulating on the Internet that the MOCHA GIRLS has disbanded. It was spreading like wild fire! Because of this, I lost numerous corporate shows – money that I could’ve used for my mom’s chemotherapy. First of all, there’s NO TRUTH to the rumor that the MOCHA GIRLS has disbanded or dissolved. The old members were REPLACED. Therefore, MOCHA GIRLS are still intact and functioning.

The new MOCHA GIRLS are Jhane Santiaguel and Mae dela Cerna. Jhane is from our sister band Caramel. She’s a good singer and dancer. We were surprised to discover that she’s also a good guitarist. Her major musical influence is Avril Lavigne. She says she’s a little “complicated” when it comes to love and relationships. She’s only 20 years old but thinks and acts like a mature woman. She’s an extremely confident and straightforward person and I love her for that. I know she’ll go a long way with her exquisite talent and feisty attitude.

Mae dela Cerna is no stranger to the public eye. She was a former member of EB Babes. I was so excited about her addition to the group because she’s famous and she has a fan base. I was completely humbled. I was also greatly surprised how super nice she is as a person and a friend. Aside from being a good dancer, she also has a knack for acting. Btw, did I mention that she can sing too?

I am so happy with the overwhelming positive feedback from clients, bar owners and supporters. They said they like the new members more and they think they’re hotter. I think they’re really hot too. I like mestizas. A lot of people are asking me naughty questions about them like, “have you ever kissed them or made out with them?”. If you really want to know , then check them out on FHM July issue. Mae is also FHM’s Babe Online for the month of June. Visit and watch Mae as she reveals her sexy side.

I have moved on but apparently some people haven’t. A lot of people keep asking me how I feel about them and their supporters back-stabbing and bad-mouthing me. Of course I’m hurt. They were like my family, the former Mocha Girls- Bez, Grace and Hershey. (Heart was still under probation when she was asked by my manager to leave the group. Therefore, she was NEVER a Mocha Girl.) Right now, I’m dealing with lies, rumors and people attacking me. I did my best in talking with Hershey to stop the slandering from their camp. Unfortunately, I was denied. But it’s ok cuz I have forgiven them in my heart. I only have two choices- give up or move on. I choose to move on. This will be the last time that I’m going to talk about the former Mocha Girls and the break-up.

So what’s the next step for the new Mocha Girls? I want to train Jhane and Mae to be the best performers that they can be. They’ve got so much talent and I know they’ll go a long way. I want them to learn to stand and perform on their own in the near future. Groups don’t last forever. But as long as I’m here, I’m going to teach them everything I know. I’m so proud to say that they’re bi-curious and open-minded. I’m willing to teach them everything they want to know about love, relationship and sex. I know it’s been a long while since I last posted here on my blog. I will be updating my blog once a week. I’m excited to write again because I’m taking Mae and Jhane with me to my journey to sexual discovery and experimentation.


  1. Hi you know I am bisexual too. I am bicurious for my whole high school life, and I had a boyfriends at my highschool life, I am much attracted to girls than guys, and actually I had many girl crushes. I had a girlfriend for at young age, I was only 13 years old and now I am turning 2o, I and my girlfriend are still together. But you know, even I am bisexual, I can't still admit it and trying not to be bisexual and control it, I love my girlfriend, I love her that's why I can't leave her. But I wan't to stop being a bisexual. Cuz u know Even I am bisexual theres really nothing good about it. I am a christian, and I know you too. I know you know what's right and wrong. Being true to yourself and to other people is right, but being bisexual is a wrong, it's a sin, don't you think?. If only I don't love my girlfriend, I'll stop and correct all mistakes in my life.