Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stay Horny, Stay Healthy!

Stay Horny, Stay Healthy! 15 JAN At last! Something sinful is actually good for you! As you’ve already known by now, I’m a very horny girl. I love to pleasure myself as much as I love having sex. I encourage women to masturbate. This allows you to explore and understand your body better, so you will know exactly what you like when you have sex with your partner. Using a vibrator or masturbating can give you great health benefits.

Masturbation rewards both men and women:

- safest kind of sex.
- great stress reliever.
- Mood booster due to the release of good hormones called Endorphins
- Great cure for insomnia.
- It can improve the immune system. Flow of testosterone is increased in the body which helps transport a hormone called DHEA which is important to the immune system.

When it comes to a woman’s health, self-pleasuring helps build her resistance to yeast infection. It also helps to relieve PMS symptoms. Women produce a chemical called oxytocin during sexual arousal and orgasm , which works as a natural pain reliever. It can also help to cure headaches, muscle aches and pains during her period. For men, frequent masturbation may prevent prostate cancer. Researchers suggest that men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.
So remember – an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. Stay horny, stay healthy!
Jessie Jane greets O-People. Thanks to my facebook friend Edzel Rebamontan for this!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Summer in the Philippines has never been this hot! The highest recorded temperature in Metro Manila so far this year is 35.9 degrees Celsius, and the highest in the country is 38.4 degrees Celsius registered at Clark in Angeles, Pampanga. According to PAGASA, this isn’t even a heat wave yet! Prepare yourselves to endure the sweltering heat for at least one more month. Relief may come in during the second half of May at the earliest and it’s the wet season again! Never the less, summers are the time to relax, to enjoy and feel light! Here’s the trailer of my upcoming indie movie entitled BUTAS 2, directed by Alejandro “Bong” Ramos, to satisfy your summer hunger! Watch out for the premiere night on May 16 at the UP Diliman Theater! Enjoy! Here’s the unedited video of my interview on the tv show WASAK hosted by Lourd De Veyra and Jun Sabayton:

Monday, April 16, 2012


BASTOS DAW is my favorite song of ANDREW E. He’s a rap icon and he’s one of my idols in the music industry. I really like his open-minded and hilarious style of rapping. His critics accuse him of being “bastos” or indecent because of his songs/lyrics. But Andrew E. was right by saying, “my songs are dirty if you have a dirty mind”. In my own translation- walang bastos sa bukas na kaisipan. In our present Entertainment Industry, I am considered as the most “BASTOS” performer. The Mocha Girls and I have been banned in several occasions. We were scheduled to perform in an alumni homecoming for an all-boys school. The priests reprimanded the alumni batch organizers for getting us because they said we were insinuating sex. And so they canceled the Mocha Girls. Instead, they invited “sexy stars” in their skimpy outfits to perform mediocre dance numbers. Hypocrisy don’t you think? In another instance, one entertainment venue in Ortigas, with the same concept of Metrowalk and Bluewave banned us after performing for a radio tour/show. The owners said we were “TOO BASTOS”. They claimed to be “Born Again” christians and said they can’t tolerate such “worldly” performance. It’s a nightlife & entertainment place for crying out loud! It’s not a church! You’re selling booze! People drink and get drunk! Don’t you think that’s “worldly”? Now that’s ultimate hypocrisy!

I maybe the “horniest performer” out there but I am WHOLESOME. What is “wholesome” anyway? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary:

1. : promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit

2 promoting health of body

3 : sound in body, mind, or morals

4. clean

I am promoting health and well-being. I have morals! I maybe horny but I have rules and principles. I am Pro-RH (Responsible Horniness):

1. Never mess with guys/girls who are not single (unless their partners are willing to share)

2. Always use protection. Great safe sex is the best!

3. For my young followers, stay virgin as long as you can. Nothing wrong with being a “solo” artist. Practice makes perfect.

Sad to say, we live in a world full of hypocrites. There are celebrities out there who present themselves as “wholesome” but in reality are professional prostitutes. Give them 150k pesos and they’re yours for a night. I may not present myself as “wholesome” but I don’t fuck for money. There are also some directors of TV shows/networks who take advantage of artists. You can be a regular part of that show only if you have sex with the director. Showbiz is a dirty world. Because of the stigma attached to being an entertainer, my management and I are very strict with the Mocha Girls. We don’t entertain “sponsors”, dirty old men, politicians, etc. We don’t tolerate prostitution in our group. This is the reason why former members were axed from the group.

People can say anything they want about me. They can accuse me of being “bastos” – because I promote safe sex, I encourage the youth to use protection (condom), I encourage couples to enjoy sex, I’m fearless, I say what’s on my mind, I’m open-minded, I don’t give a fuck about what people say, etc. Call me “BASTOS” all you want but I AM NOT A WHORE.

In line with the so-called “Holy Week”, which I don’t think is “holy” anymore (party-time-get-drunk-in-Boracay), I am not going to post nude or sexy images here. Instead, I would like to share with you Mocha Girls new music video of our song “IPADARAMA”. A song which reminds us to appreciate our loved ones while they’re still here. Something to reflect on this season of Lent. Click to watch the video:
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Monday, April 2, 2012


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The Mocha Girls and I have been touring different parts of the world. We’ve performed several times in Dubai, Bahrain, Guam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc. It seems everywhere we go, there are Filipinos. During our tour, we were so happy to meet fellow Filipinas who follow the Mocha Girls on Facebook and Twitter. They enjoyed our performances and were also proud of us because even their expat friends were impressed. But most of all, we are more proud of these Filipinas – working abroad away from their families. International companies hire Filipinos because of our confidence in our competence. We value our work, take pride in our jobs and strive to do our best. We are hard workers. We’re also well versed in both written and spoken English. We can easily comprehend instructions, can work lengthy hours and deliver results. We are the world’s finest!
The Mocha Girls and I want to uplift Filipinas all over the world through our music. There have been songs written about patriotism and devotion to our country such as NOYPI (Bamboo), PINOY AKO (Orange and Lemons), etc. But why hasn’t there been any song about PINAYS? Then came the birth of “PINAY AKO”.

“PINAY AKO” was written and composed by award-winning composer Francisco “Kix” Salazar. It’s an empowering song for Filipino women of our generation. We chose this as our 3rd album’s title to emphasize “girl power”. Since March is Women’s Month, we decided to make a music video for PINAY AKO as a tribute to all the Filipinas. Our director Joey de Guzman, the management and I brainstormed about what would be the best symbol for the video. Joey is a Filipino film student based in New Zealand. He said that Filipinos abroad feel proud whenever they see the Philippine Flag or its symbols on TV. We thought it was a good idea so we wore Philippine Flag inspired jackets on our music video.

After shooting the video, we were surprised to find out in the news that the NHI (National Historical Institute) wanted to call for us. The official said that we disrespected the Philippine flag in our music video. He also noticed my Philippine Flag inspired body paint on our 2012 calendar and said it was disrespectful. He said he’s afraid that the youth will imitate us because we’re TOO sexy. NHI wanted to call for us to explain our actions or else we’ll be fined or put in jail.

They want to penalize us and put us in jail because we’re TOO sexy? Why is it ok for Manny Pacquiao to wear Philippine flag jackets, shirts, shorts, etc. and we can’t? Is it because we’re TOO sexy? I don’t understand this double standard. Please don’t be too quick to judge us. Watch the video first. We just want to promote patriotism and love for our country. This video is dedicated to all the hard-working Pinays. Happy Women’s Month!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

3 Stars and a Sun . . . Sex

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The Mocha Girls and I were so proud of our 2012 calendar. Like our 3rd album, the concept was to pay tribute to Filipino women. Filipinas are considered as among the most beautiful women of the world. They are the “ideal woman”of most men because of their extraordinary beauty and attitude. Filipinas are family-oriented and will strive hard to keep her family intact. Our country is a nation of strong women.

To show some PINAY pride, we decided to use the Philippine Flag symbols as body paint for our calendar. Apparently, once again, this caught the attention of the NHI (National Historical Institute). An official said we were setting a bad example to the youth because we’re TOO SEXY.

Bad example? It really pisses me off every time I hear this accusation from hypocrites. We may be sexy but we are NOT promoting sex. We are promoting SAFE SEX. We are educating the youth to protect themselves. That it’s OK to use condom contrary to what the church says. Sex EXISTS and it’s more STUPID not to talk about it. One of my followers tweeted me and he said that the priests are preaching that masturbation is a sin. Of course it’s NOT! It’s a natural sexual behavior! Everyone does it, including our priests! Masturbation or solo sex is the safest form of sex. If you don’t like it, then stop it. In order for the youth to be guided accordingly about their sexuality, there should be a separation of church and sex. We need CREDIBLE Professional Sexuality Educators! Attention Mr. President! Stop “NOYNOYING” and Pass the RH BILL NOW before it’s too late!

Anyway,here’s the behind-the-scene video from our 2012 calendar. Thanks to the the award-winning and international renowned photographer Mr. Lito Sy for this wonderful shoot. (Body paint by: Knicolai Mendoza)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Happened on Guam?

Guam is such a lovely island. It’s a beautiful place to be. Thanks to Steve Hardy, number 1 photographer on Guam, for providing these amazing photos! Even if it was my third time on Guam, I was still excited to go and perform with my band. Guam is safe, peaceful and quiet. I’ve been longing to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. Thanks to our producer Jemuel Luciano for making this happen. It was a month long tour compared to our 1st and 2nd which only took a few weeks.

It was our first time to perform at Karisma lounge located along Dededo. It’s no Hard Rock CafĂ©, but I was eager to perform for all the Filipinos out there. I was excited to showcase my group and my band. The first week was very successful. A lot of people came and enjoyed our shows. Besides the positive response, the owner of Karisma, (Wenefredo E.Gallega) didn’t seem to be happy. Oh well, I can’t please everyone, I thought to myself. Then I found out, the reason why he wasn’t so ecstatic about me was that he had a different agenda. He didn’t care about quality performance. He was complaining to our manager why do I go home right away after the show. He said that I should stay longer, sit with several guests and order inflated priced ladies drinks. He said that this was the only way his bar will earn. And besides, I’ll also benefit from the commission (drinkback), he said. He even tried to convince me by saying that all famous celebrities that came to Guam did that. Well I AM sorry Mr. Wenefredo E.Gallega, but I AM not a GRO. I can sit and mingle with the audience if I want. In fact, I do that all the time here in the PI. They don’t even have to buy me drinks. I love hanging out with our audience cuz I consider them as friends. You should’ve just hired GROs instead of me if you believe this was the only way for your bar to earn big.

What is a GRO?

“A girl working in a club or bar in the Philippines to keep male customers company. The “Guest Relations Officer” or GRO always gets the men to buy her inflated priced “Ladies Drinks” that she gets a monetary kickback from. Nearly all GROs are prostitutes who can be “Bar Fined” and taken from the bar for short time or long time sex. Nearly all GROs fall under the auspices of the “Maddam” and live at the bar or in substandard dormitories provided by the bar.” –

I have nothing against GROs. I’m not even judging them. They chose this kind of job for a living and I respect that. But I didn’t come to Guam to be a GRO. This is the problem with the entertainment scene on Guam. Bar owners hire legit artists from the Philippines and convince them to become GROs, indirectly. They will tell the artists that the people came to watch their show and so in return they have to thank them, sit down and eventually order ladies drinks. A lot of artists are tempted to continue this activity because they get more money from the kickback than their actual salary. Because of this, the artists become more focused on this activity rather than their performance. Money changes everything- including people’s behavior and motivation. We all need money. Who doesn’t? But I will not do any activity that will compromise my integrity. It’s all I’ve got in this world. All performers on Guam are perceived as GROs. I’ll never forget when I was walking to my dressing room, a Filipino guy in his slippers went up to me and asked, “Mocha, pwede ka bang i-table?” (Can you be my GRO for tonight?) I very firmly replied, “I DONT DO THAT!”.

Obviously, Mr. Wenefredo E.Gallega wasn’t happy with me. So what did this unprofessional man do? He spread rumors to destroy my band and me. He even bad-mouthed our producer JEMUEL LUCIANO. I’m sorry, but as they say, THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN RUMORS ARE MORE STUPID THAN THE GOSSIPER.

I will make a stand for FILIPINO ARTISTS and I will make a difference in my own little way. I will not be like the others because of MONEY. And THOSE who believe you Mr. Wenefredo E.Gallega, I pity them. You are not only destroying them but the image of all FILIPINO ARTISTS as well. And those who patronize this kind of system, especially the Filipinos – you are complaining that our Government is corrupt but you yourselves are blinded by Money. As they say, If You Want to Make Change, Start With Yourself—- “AKO ANG SIMULA”

My third time on Guam was a bittersweet experience. But I’ll never forget the people who came to watch our show and appreciate our work. Thanks to the old woman who gave me 20-dollar tip because she was so happy that I danced with her. Thanks to the waiter at Karisma for the mini-chocolates, which he bought with his own money. These small gestures mean so much to me because they’re sincere and they appreciate me for who I am. Many thanks to those who gave candies, food, stuff toys and gifts on our last night of performance.

Thanks also to - Fiesta Resort for the wonderful accommodation and YPAO Express Kitchen (Ate Esther) for the delicious food.

Thanks to my producers Jemuel & Joan Luciano. Thanks to my Manager/Musical Director LORD BYRON CRISTOBAL. And most of all to my Band — ICE BAND- Mark, Manuel, Kokoy and Karlo.

Here’s the behind-the-scene video from my photoshoot at Namu Falls – the highlight of my Guam trip. Thanks once again to Steve Hardy. I can’t thank you enough for everything.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Make Me Horny

I’ve been constantly asked on Twitter and FB this question: How to make a girl horny? There are many ways to make a girl horny. Women are tricky. What worked the last time won’t necessarily work the next time. There are certain foods, scents, music, drinks, and behaviors which can increase and stimulate the feeling of sexual arousal. Women senses are much more powerful than men. Turning on women senses helps getting them in sexual mood. I’m turned on by men/women who smell great. Red wine makes me horny. Tequila makes me SUPER horny. Talkin dirty on Twitter and FB always makes me wet. Just like other women, I get aroused with what I hear and what I feel. Choosing the right music will definitely set her in the mood. Here are my top 3 sex songs:

1. Birthday Sex- Jeremih
2. Body Bumpin’- Public Announcement
3. I Kissed A Girl (Jazz Version)- Katy Perry

These songs never fail to turn me on and so I’ve included them in our live performances. What are your favorite sex songs?